Is in-memory technology SAP’s Oracle killer?

Posted by on Sep 26, 2006 in SAP, Technology

SAP WaldorfAs I mentioned before my plan is to review and comment more and more on SAP’s technologies. I recently read an interview with Shai Agassi, SAP’s Chief Technology Dude in regarding in-memory technology database technology. Shai believes that this is SAP’s killer product to take out Oracle’s cash cow database business. Read the article and decide for yourself. I think he and SAP is onto something and this will not be the last time we hear about this technology. SAP is already using it for its BIA (Business Intelligence Accelerator) product and recently introduced Enterprise Search offering. SAP worked with Intel on the hardware side, however SAP developed the algorithms themselves.I think this can be a huge differentiator for SAP — what do you think?Links:

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