About Us

What’s in a name?

Beyond438 (pronounced Beyond-four-three-eight) –  what an interesting name. Guy Kawasaki the entrepreneur’s management consultant is very adamant that you shouldn’t use digits in your company name. Well, we decided to buck this rule and here’s why…

In early 2006, South Africa and Australia were engaged in one of the most thrilling and world class sporting events ever played. I am referring to the fifth One-day International cricket match between South Africa and Australia. Australia batted first and scored 434, scattering all previous records by a mile. It would be the equivalent of a 40 run innings in baseball (the highest score ever was the Cubs defeating the Phillies 26-23 in 1922).

And then something amazing happened! South Africa went in to bat and they decided that it was time for a world class perform ace. And performed they did. South Africa broke even more records than Australia just earlier in the day, including winning the match with a score of…you guessed it 438. More information regarding this incredible sporting event is available on wikipedia.

So why Beyond438? We liked the implicit link back to South Africa. 438 denotes going beyond your current status quo and achieving a new, world class level of performance.

Let us help you go to the next level, and achieve world class performance and beyond.

Company Principles – The following principles drive everything we do at Beyond438.

Christlike servanthood Make a difference in every relationship with Christlike servanthood.

Integrity Be honest in all our interactions with ourselves and with others.

Make a difference Do what matters most and make a difference.

Seek to understand first Listening and really listen before speaking and advising.

Simplify Make things simple rather than complex.

Make every moment count Live everyday to its fullest and enjoy every moment. Have fun doing it!