Catalyst 2007 – Convergence of next generation leaders

I’ll be attending the Catalyst 2007 conference at the Arena in Gwinnett County, just North of Atlanta, Oct 4-5, 2007. This conference usually draws over 10,000 people and is aimed at sharing leadership insights with young, upcoming leaders. It’s a great event with an impressive list of speakers including:

My plan is to do some live blogging for the first time. Let’s see what happens. Hope to see you there.

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Interesting Human Capital Management (HCM) blogs

Here are a few interesting HCM/HR blogs that I read frequently. Let me know what you think of these? Btw, will you be attending the HR Tech conference in Chicago in October. Why are you going? I’m not sure if I want to attend so I’m asking for some feedback.HCM Blogs:

Another one a stumbled across today: ERP Blog on HCM research.All for now. You’re comments please.[Added July 5, 2007: Here is another excellent blog on HCM technology. It’s by one of my former colleagues, Leendert van der Bijl. Read it, he is a deep thinker and has some excellent insights.]

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Switch to WordPress

Today I decided to switch from Apple’s iWeb to WordPress for my business blogging.  I will migrate the old blog entries over time.  Here is the link to my old blog:

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Shai Agassi – Post-SAP

Shai Agassi recently left SAP AG to pursue other interests including alternative energy. Here is the press release. He is still a technology consultant to SAP with an office in Palo Alto.His post-SAP blog is called the Long Tailpipe. You can also find a great podcast here that he recently delivered at Stanford.What is your view of Shai leaving SAP?

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According to the organizers SoCon07 is: “2.0 style networking in 1.5 days”. This is a free conference on all things Web 2.0. It will take place at the University of Kennesaw, Georgia from February 9-10, 2007.Register here: SoCon07 registration.Btw, if you live in Atlanta then Techlinks website is a great way to stay informed regarding all things technological.

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Web v2.0 is here…

I recently started to research what the hype is around Web2.0. Well, I think it is more than just hype. So far I believe that Web2.0 is about web services, better and quicker development tools and the most important aspect, better user interaction via browsers — no more page flashes and slow updates. Another aspect is user generated content (more on this later) — yes, and Yes, I know it is also about wiki’s, mashups, blogs and podcasts.

Web Services:

Sites like, and also ERP vendors like SAP are making it very easy to find and use Web Services.

Have a look at some of these not-so-well-known sites to get a feeling of what Web2.0 is all about:, (Microsoft Office on the Web!), and from Savannah.

Development tools:

I don’t have too much information on this yet, however you can start by reviewing Ruby on Rails. SAP also provides a strong enterprise grade development environment to develop Webdynpro transactions.

User experience:

In the “old” days we were used to see whole page screen refreshes when we used application via a browser. These days the user experience and interaction is mind blowing — think Google Spreadsheets. It is now possible to update each pixel on a web page without a full page refresh. Technologies like AJAX, Adobe Flex and SAP’s Webdynpro make this possible.

This is just the introduction. I plan to write a lot more about Web2.0, especially how enterprises can use the “web-only” technologies and use it in an ERP world. I have 12 years of experience with SAP and will therefor mostly focus on SAP’s Enterprise Service Architecture (ESA).

Interesting links:

What is Web 2.0? – O’Reilly

Recent Wired article

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