The network IS the computer!

Posted by on Dec 15, 2009 in Apple, Technology

litl netbookSun Computer’s vision is: “The Network is the Computer“, well I think this is finally starting to take shape in the form of cloud computing. Bandwidth, even at speeds approaching 30MBps, is still orders of magnitude slower than main memory. However, I love the netbook-type (or webbook) computer that a company called, Litl, recently launched. The machine is a thing of beauty and follows in Apple’s design footsteps. Simple UI, easy to use, and does what it’s made for very well! I think it looks a litl 🙂 like the OLPC laptop.


Here is a Youtube video by the CEO, John Chuang.

I think that litl has a head start on Google. Google’s own Web operating system is called, Google Chrome OS, and with GCO on a netbook the netbook will immediately launch the Google Chrome browser with all your data stored in the cloud. Very similar to the litl’s approach to software.

Here are some other write ups on litl: ABC Technology&Science, Engadget, and Wired.

OSNews preview.

Very interesting stuff. Would you buy a litl netbook? At $699, it’s a bit pricey for me.

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  1. Hi CarelThanks for profiling our product, it’s pleasing that you like our design and get that we’re 12 months ahead of ChromeOS. A few points:We’re also quite different to ChromeOS since that presents a conservative approach to the interface – it looks like Chrome browser. Our UI on the other hand is a fresh take on how to use the web – we’ve designed it from the top down to get rid of menus, tabs and other clutter so there’s not much between you and the content.The price: a big factor here is the high quality LCD (best 12.1″ on the market, 178-degree viewing angle) which is extremely bright. This contributes a lot to our costs. We also use a high quality low travel scissor action keyboard and our casing is very strong – we set high standards for the build quality. Then there’s the unique engineering in our patened hinge that allows our device to bend back into easel node.Looks like OLPC? Not much at all we would have thoug

  2. Hi Phil, thanks for the feedback. I would love to get my hands on one. Do you have any retail outlets in the Atlanta area? My observations are based on your websites and other reviews.I agree the litl doesn’t look like the OLPC, however when I first saw the litl I immediately thought of the OLPC — weird…Cheers!

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