South African businesspeople in the US

Posted by on Mar 29, 2007 in Business, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, South Africa

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As a South African businessman living in the US, I’m always interested to find and research other successful South African businesspeople in America. This is the start of a series that will continue until I run out of people to profile.South Africa is known for a number of famous people. Nelson Mandela, Ernie Els, Gary Player, Charlize Theron, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Mark Shuttleworth (Ubuntu fame) and serial entrepreneur Elon Musk. I know of a number of others, however you’ll have to wait to hear about them. My focus will be on businesspeople and not celebrities or politicians.Next time I’ll start by profiling Elon Musk of SpaceX.Send me an email if you want me to profile a specific businessperson.

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