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Posted by on Jun 28, 2007 in CRM, Sales

11/1/2007: updated their does a good job of comparing online CRM tools. I use ZohoCRM and sofar I’m satisfied with the application. It’s free for less than 3 users. Also check out other open source alternatives including: SugarCRM and vTiger.What do you use?

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  1. Carel : Thanks for using Zoho CRM and glad you are liking it! And thanks for recommending Zoho in the comments of’s post :-)Arvind

  2. Personally I use Oprius, but I’m a bit biased :-)Another free alternative (although not open source) is FreeCRM: don’t like it as I find it too clumsy and would get way less done at the end of the day. But if your focus is free then be my guest.A comment about free tools though (not just sales tools):Lets say each sale you make puts $40 in your pocket.Without any tool lets say you can do 5 deals or $200 a weekWith tool A you can do 6 deals or $1,200 a weekWith tool B you can do 6.5 deals or $1,300 a weekUsing tool B you are bringing in an extra $100, or $400 a month.I would argue it would be in your best interest to pay up to $400 a month on tool B over A.If tool B is free, then that is awesome! However, if A is free and B is $15 a month you are still gaining a lot more then your monthly spending. My 2 cents.However if the reason is free as in freedom to get into and work with the source code, then that is something totally different.Owen Mead-Robins – VP OperationsOprius

  3. Hi Owen,Thank you for checking in. I quickly browsed your site and it looks very interesting.Quick question: Do you have an easy way to “port” or migrate Zoho CRM data?Thanks,Carel.

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