New Google Maps Mobile – hold on to your GPS for now

Posted by on Nov 29, 2007 in Technology

Google (GOOG) recently announced a new version of Google Maps, called Google Maps with My Location. It’s still in beta. I installed it on my Blackberry 8700g (T-Mobile, no GPS) and tried it out this morning. It uses your service providers’ cellphone towers to approximate your location. My accuracy ranged from between 600m to 1700m. Well, my trusty Garmin C330 is way better with an accuracy of < 49ft (15m). In any case, I think it’s a great life saver if you are in a new place without a map or GPS. Btw, it also displays real-time traffic information — a real live saver for me with the horrible traffic here in Atlanta.Here’s a short overview from Techcrunch. OM Malik also wrote about it, as well as Scobleizer (good comments) and AppleInsider (discussing when it will work on the iPhone).Here is how Google describes the new features:

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