MXit launches iPhone app

Posted by on May 21, 2009 in South Africa, Technology

MXit is a South African social networking company with 12 million subscribers around the world. According to MXit it is “a next generation Mobile Instant Messenger that connects you to a world of expression, using both instant messaging and social networking.”

MXit iPhone app

MXit iPhone app

MXit recently launched an iPhone app. I’ve been a beta user for a few weeks. With MXit you can send 1,000 character multi-media messages (MMS) to your MXit, Yahoo!, MSN, Gtalk, AIM or ICQ buddies. It seems to work well, although I still cannot get my AIM and Gtalk accounts to work. Yahoo IM works great! In summary: It works well, however this first version is still too buggy. I’m sure the MXit guys will update it quickly.MXit is also available on most mobile phones running Java, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and they have a PC beta version. You can win ~$10k (ZAR100,000) for developing the best PC MXit client. So get cracking…MXit is a great way to send free or low cost messages to friends around the world. Different from Fring and Skype it doesn’t provide VOIP calling capability.I would like to know your experience with MXit especially if you live in North or South America.

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  1. Hi.. yes I use MXit and I live in California. I’m originally from South Africa but has lived in the U.S for almost 15 years. I talk to my friends and family on mxit. however, when I start a new chat,I keep getting a warning that my memory is too low. I ust click “ok” and continue my chat. other than that it is great!!!

  2. Hi SharonI jsut got mxit on my iphone and live in California too, Im from south africa and have been here for about 5 years, how do i get started, not too sure how to use the application

  3. I’m a South-African and I live in Malaysia for now, I’m returning so it is important for me to keep in touch with my friends! It works great but I can’t buy any moola here because mxit said that service is not available in my country..! Otherwise it is great!

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