Apple does it again!

Posted by on Aug 8, 2006 in Apple, Technology

This week Apple announced a lot of great products at WWDC in San Francisco during Steve Job’s keynote. The one product that impressed me the most is a feature called “Time Machine”. Time Machine will be part of the upcoming Leopard OSX release. It provides full automatic backups and phenomenal and very intuitive recovery of any data object in OSX. This is a great example of a company taking a very tedious process and reinventing it in a way that makes it accessible and easy to use for everyone. It’s based on some very cool technology called, “Core Animation”.

Disclosure: I love Apple products! I have a PowerBook G4 for work stuff and an iMac at home. In fact I don’t have a Windows machine anymore. I do have one lonely Linux box running a great operating system called, Ubuntu.

After tasting the fruit in 2003 doing video editing on an iMac, I converted all my machines to Apple. Btw, my first computer ever was an Apple II with two 128k floppy drives — really hi-tech stuff!

Why do you still use Windows?

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